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To: Emergency Responders
Re: Identified Sites
Paradigm Public Awareness
Pipeline operators need your help keeping people and property safe.
Please use the following website to identify sites where people congregate in your community:
Pipeline operators are required by law to work with public officials who have safety or emergency response, or planning responsibilities that can provide quality information regarding identified sites. Some of these sites are very difficult for companies to obtain without help from those with local knowledge of the area.

Identified Sites - locations where many people occupy an area near a pipeline asset or facility. These are places where people may gather from time to time for a variety of reasons.

Please identify:
Open areas used by 20 or more persons at least 50 days during a 12 month interval. Following are some examples where we greatly need your help with site identification:
  • Athletic Fields
  • Daycares
  • Beaches
  • Festivals/Fairs/Carnivals
  • Limited Mobility Facilities
    • Medical Facilities
    • Nursing Homes
  • Outdoor Stadiums
  • Outdoor Theaters
  • Parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Recreational Areas
    • Including any near bodies of water
If the areas described above are close to a pipeline, they may be classified by the pipeline company as High Consequence Areas and subject to additional safety and awareness activities.

The Identified Site Registry is a quick and easy way for emergency response officials like you to provide information about these "Identified Sites".
Questions or bulk submittal? Email us at:
Paradigm P.O. Box 9123 Wichita, Kansas 67277 877.477.1162